Consultation to Schools, Legal Professionals & Expert Testimony

For most of her career, Dr. Zwick has consulted with lower, middle and upper schools in the areas of clinical supervision, teacher and administration consultation, program development and implementation and direct service to students in groups. Specific topics have included divorce, bullying, friendships and conflict resolution and senior launching.

In family law cases, Dr. Zwick has been asked to use psychological testing to assess the psychological functioning of the adults, the quality of parenting and the needs and current functioning of parents and children. Many family law judges look to psychologists to provide valuable information in addressing custody and fitness issues, the allocation of parental rights and duties as well as parent’s readiness for collaboration and mediation. Beyond an appraisal of family members and circumstances, psychological assessment generates comprehensive recommendations for all parties.

In addition, psychological testing can be extremely useful in criminal law, case analysis and child custody evaluations. Dr. Zwick has testified in many cases including giving expert testimony.